Know from these 5 things that, is your partner doing timepass with you


Nowadays it is very difficult to understand true love because it is certain that many people live in relationships in the world, but all of them must be true, devoted to the relationship, it is not necessary. Many people have a relationship only to show off and to entertain themselves, who change the partner according to their convenience when the time comes, in such a case, it hurts the heart of the person in front but who is not true, whose love Not true, he doesn't mind these things. Let us know what are those things that you can find out whether your partner truly loves you or just time pass.

to lie

If whenever you ask your partner by surprise, where he is and the answer comes stuttering or with time, then it is a matter of concern because if your partner truly loves you, he will never try to hide from you that he Where. He will tell the truth free from fear.

Stick on mobile

Whenever they come to meet you, the entire focus is on the mobile instead of being on you or on things, then still understand that there is something more important, which is their focus. In such a situation, you can ask clearly because it is your right. It is not called doubt at all.

Make excuses

Whenever you talk about meeting or tell about any work related to yourself, they keep making excuses about their engagements, while in general, they remain free, in such a situation it is important to understand that they are as important as you You are not that important to them.

Nothing to your friends

If your partner is not interested in the people associated with you, that is, family, friends, does not listen to the things related to them, it means that he does not see this relationship far away, he only wants to mean to you, that too only until he Is with True lovers also listen to your close ones.

Irritate without talk

If your partner agonizes too much on general things. He has a problem with every good and bad thing you do. If you compare yourself with your friends, then understand that this relationship is going to end soon because he has never accepted you from his heart.