Know from the lines on your palm whether you will get a government job or not!


There are many people who want a government job. Many people work hard for this, but still do not find their job. Therefore it is very important to have luck with hard work.

Seeing the line of hands by us, one can easily know whether we have a government job or not. Today we are going to tell you about this.

* Surya Parvat: Surya Parvat is located at the root of the ring finger. Guru is also considered a planet benefiting from the government sector. Those people who have embossed Surya Parbat and have a straight line on Surya Parbat without any obstruction, then such people have chances of government jobs.

* Guru Parvat: Guru planet also gives more benefits in the government sector. If a line is coming from the Sun Mount on Guru Mountain in the palm of a person, then he is sure to get a higher position in the government sector.

* Straight lines: People who have many straight lines or straight lines with a rise on the mountain of Guru, then such people are also more likely to get a government job in life.

* A branch from Bhagya Line to go to Guru Parvat: If any branch from Bhagatha Line go to Guru Parvat and go to Guru Parvat, then such a person would be very likely to get a high position in government sector