Know from a specialist: Can corona occur even after taking both doses of the vaccine?


Dr. Girish Aggarwal, Chest Physician

Ramakrishna Care Hospital, Raipur

Vaccination campaign against corona infection is also going on at a rapid pace in the country. A large number of people are getting vaccinated in Kovid vaccination centers. In fact, the vaccination campaign has gained momentum on the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to celebrate the Teeka festival from 11 April to 14 April. On the second day of this special vaccination campaign, ie on 12 April, more than 40 lakh people have been given vaccine doses across the country. According to the Ministry of Health, so far more than 10 crores 85 lakh vaccine doses have been given to people across the country. In such a situation, the question arises whether one can get a corona infection after taking both doses of the vaccine. Let's know from the expert…

Chest Physician Dr. Girish Agarwal at Ramakrishna Care Hospital in Raipur says through a video, "Even after taking two doses of vaccine, if you have a good amount of antibodies in your body, you can still get corona infection. There are also many patients, who are not producing antibodies even after giving two doses, so do not get dizzy with the antibodies. '

Dr. Girish Aggarwal says, 'Our bodies have two different types of immunity. The first antibody, which we can measure, you will not avoid. However, it is not that you do not have to get vaccinated. You have to get vaccinated and must get vaccinated, do not think that it will help in protecting you from Kovid or not.

What to do to avoid corona?

From the World Health Organization to all the world's health institutions and governments, the best way to prevent corona is to wear a mask, wash hands with soap and water, use a sanitizer if soap and water are not possible. And also follow safe physical distance. Dr. Girish Aggarwal also says that these measures can help prevent corona.

Must get vaccinated

From April 1, the scope of vaccination against Corona has been expanded. Now all people over the age of 45 are being vaccinated. So if you fall in this age group, then get the vaccine done. All the leaders of the country, from the President and the Prime Minister, are also appealing to the people to get the vaccine so that the epidemic can be controlled as soon as possible.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of a video released by Chest Physician Dr. Girish Agarwal at Ramakrishna Care Hospital in Raipur.

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