Know about some of your habits that cause for the premature hair greying article


If you are also facing the problem of hair becoming white at a young age, then maybe some of your habits are responsible for it. Know this article...

The problem facing the youth the most in today's time is premature white hair. Usually, when the hair of a woman or man starts to become prematurely white, they either resort to hair colour or hair dye to hide it. With this, you must hide the hair whiteness for some time. But this is not a real solution. By repeatedly applying colour to the hair, harmful chemicals damage the hair. In such a situation, instead of hiding white hair, it is important to pay attention to the reasons, which are facing this problem. If you can identify those reasons and remove them, then the hair will stop prematurely turning white. However, some of our habits are responsible for the prematurely white hair. So, today we are telling you about some such habits -

Sun exposure

If you go out in the afternoon like carelessness then you should be a little cautious now. The harmful rays of the sun do not just damage your skin, but also the hair. Spending too much time in the sun can damage your hair and scalp, resulting in dry, weak and white hair.

What to do

Always wear a scarf or cap whenever you are out in the sun. Apart from this, you can also carry an umbrella. Apart from this, a little heat protection can also be used in the hair.

Extreme stress

In today's time, everyone from children to elders has to face stress. But when your inner stress level increases, it can cause insomnia, anxiety, less hunger and other problems. All these can seriously affect your hair. Due to extreme stress, not only your hair starts turning white prematurely, but you may also face the problem of hair fall.

What to do

Try to control stress in your life. For this, spend some fun time with the family. Do some relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation, pranayama etc. This reduces your inner tension significantly.

Nutritional deficiency

Along with your inner health, outer skin and hair also need nutrition and when your body does not get enough nutrition, then its effect can also be seen on your skin and hair. Due to lack of folic acid and biotin, the hair starts turning white.

What to do

Eat a balanced diet. Try to have enough nutrients in your diet. Especially make dairy products, meat and eggs a part of your diet. It removes the deficiency of folic acid and biotin and prevents your hair from becoming prematurely white.

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