Know 10 things that give an 80 percent guarantee to avoid corona


The corona has now become a part of everyone's lifestyle. People have gotten used to living with Corona. But while living under the corona, humans cannot breathe freely in the open air until a vaccine arrives, but the question remains in everyone's mind about how to protect themselves and their loved ones until the vaccine comes. The

Masala Tea

If you are a fan of spice tea, you can protect yourself from the coronavirus. The cloves put into the spice tea develop ginger-resistant ability. Disease- If the immunity is good, then you will not be able to get caught in the corona easily.

Don't show too much affection

Many people are so engrossed in expressing practicality that they do not know when and how many times they hug. Those who stand far away and talk, showing practicality with words can avoid getting corona infected.

Say hello

Salting reduces the chances of spreading corona infection. No matter how close a person is, instead of hugging him, say hi. By doing this you will be safe and protect your loved ones as well.

Do not open mouth

Especially when the girls come out of the house, they tie the dupatta to protect the mouth from dust and sun. Girls or others who do this can be protected from corona and those who do not cover the face in this way must wear a mask.

Sanitation lover

If you like to be clean throughout the day, then there will be no avoiding you from washing hands frequently. When you wash your hands three to four times a day for 20 seconds with soap, you will not have any other disease.

Elbow use

You can avoid infection if you use the elbow to open and close the door in the office or elsewhere. Because different people get their hands on the same door, the risk of infection increases.

Intake of Giloy

In Ayurveda, Giloy is considered a miracle medicine. If you are consuming Giloy daily for the last 7-8 months, then your chances of immunity are very good. In such a situation, the virus will not be able to affect your body.


Even those who do yoga daily are not more likely to have corona. Those who do yoga regularly do not have minor diseases. When there is no disease, then disease-resistant capacity will be good. The virus will not be able to attack easily.