Kitchen Hacks: The taste of eggplant will increase when you apply these tips


If you also want to make brinjal filling in a tasty way, then definitely follow the tips given in this article.

On hearing the name of brinjal, not only children but big ones also make a strange mouth. But everyone eats eggplant filling. It is a famous Indian vegetable, which is very tasty to eat. It is very easy to make, so you can make it for lunch or dinner anytime. Brinjal fills are eaten in winter. Although it is made differently. But its real taste is found only after roasting the brinjals in a fire. If roasting in the gas and making the filling, then the taste of brinjal increases considerably after taking care of some things. If you also want to make brinjal filling in a tasty way, then keep in mind some tips given in this article.

First of all, keep in mind a few things while choosing brinjal. Always buy light and big eggplants for the filling. Light brinjal has fewer seeds and more pulp. Also, keep in mind that the brinjal has a slightly larger side.

To remove the brinjal peel easily, apply mustard oil on it. This will not only roast the brinjal well but also peel off easily without sticking to the skin. Apart from this, pierce garlic buds in the middle of the eggplant by piercing them. If you want, you can also add green chilies.

Eggplant should be roasted on a coal fire to get a taste. But if not coal then tries to roast it on low flame only by keeping it forged on the gas. Apart from this, to cook it well and from all sides, keep turning it in between.

If you want, mash the roasted eggplant. Or roast the mashed eggplant in the pan with a little oil and spices. The desi taste of Bharata wants mustard oil to make it.

If you want to add green peas to the filling, then peel the peas and boil them a little. By doing this the peas do not feel raw and the taste of the filling will also increase. Likewise roast garlic.

Then peel the onions and peas. To apply to temper, heat a little oil in a pan. Then add a pinch of asafoetida, garlic, and onion and fry it. When the onions are well fried, add salt, chili, peas, and eggplant pulp and mix well and fry for a while. But keep in mind that you do not have to mix turmeric in it because it spoils the color of brinjal filling.

Your taste of brinjal is ready, add coriander leaves to it and remove it from the flame.

Although it can also be eaten with roti, its combination is also best with parathas. Not only this, but you can also serve raita or curd which doubles its taste. By adopting these tips, you can also make eggplant filling.