Kitchen Hacks: Are you cooking an egg in an iron pan, then do try these useful tips?


Whenever we try to cook an egg in an iron pad there is a fear of sticking the egg on it. In such a situation, while cooking it, you should take care of some small things.

Eggs are considered very beneficial for health. People consume protein and other nutrients from eggs to their breakfast to lunch and snacks. By the way, using a nonstick pan to cook the egg is considered very good, because there is no fear of sticking, burning, and spoiling the egg. But even if you do not have a non-stick pan, you can easily cook it in an iron pan although it is a little tricky to cook eggs in an iron pan. If you do not cook the egg properly in an iron pan, it does not take long to burn. You may also like to eat eggs, but if you do not have a non-stick pan, then you do not have to worry. Because today, professional chef DimakKamat of Coox, a company that makes chefs available for house parties, tells you the right way to cook an egg in an iron pan-

Use the right Pan and Spatula

If you are not cooking an egg in a non-stick pan and want to make it in an iron pan, it is important that you have the right tools. For example, when you are taking an iron pan, you have to make sure that its bottom is a little heavy. Just as you use a heavy bottom pot when making kheer, similarly the bottom of your pan should also be heavy while cooking the egg. Similarly, you should also pay little attention to the spatula. It should be very clean, use only after cleaning its end. This will reduce the chances of egg sticking significantly.

Heat the pan

If you are making omelette or scrambled egg in an iron pan, then it is very important to heat the pan well first. If you do not heat the pan properly, the risk of sticking to your egg batter will increase significantly. So before cooking the egg, put the pan on the gas and heat it well. However, do not add oil to the pan while heating it.

Why do oiling

Women do not usually use oil when cooking an egg in a non-stick pan, but when you are making it in an iron pan, it is important that you oil it first. However its method should be correct. For example, after heating the first pan, sprinkle some water and clean it with a cloth. After this, you add oil to it and spread it well. This is similar to what you do when making dosa etc. Only then you put egg batter in it. Apart from coconut oil, you can also use butter to grease the pan.

Take care of temperature

After adding oil to the pan, pour egg batter into the pan. After this, you should take special care of temperature while you cook it. Your pan is neither too hot nor cold at that time. For this, keep the flame medium to high. Also, to cook the egg properly , you should cook it by turning .

After reading this article, it must have become very easy for you to cook an egg in an iron pan.

Image Credit: freepik