Kiss day 2021: Happiness hormone increases in the body by reducing the risk of diseases, Love birds must know these 8 interesting benefits of 'kiss'


Happy Kiss Day 2021: If you want to kiss then don't back down. Add kiss, because it is nothing short of a workout. It boosts your mood and keeps you happy.

Everyone remembers the first kiss. Many lovely and sometimes fragile memories are associated with him. For some, it remains very intense, for some it will change his life. Many research and studies show that kissing has so many benefits, as many are in workouts. That is, it is very good for your physical and mental well being.

Boosts your mood and releases hormones that feel good. The biggest thing is that by kissing, the person in front knows that you love him. Isn't this a magical feeling? So on Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day), how to express your love to your partner. Give them a gift to stay healthy.

Remove many diseases, boost immunity

Which does not mean that you kiss on the lips, which can be done on any part of the body. Eminent Hindi poet Geet Chaturvedi has also written in one of his poems, 'Matha kissing is like kissing one's soul.' This is your passion for that special time when you are kissing the person in front. It is then that you are introduced to your partner's soul. That is why it is always said that due to which many diseases run away.

Actually, when you are kissing each other, each other's germs go into each other's body and your immunity boosts up. It releases epinephrine inside you by removing your stress. It pumps it fast and lowers LDL cholesterol.

Relieve cramps and headaches

Are you having a headache or are you troubled by period pain! If you kiss in such a situation, studies say so. Experts also believe that when the blood vessels become thin due to kissing, the pain also starts to ease itself. So what to do next time you have a headache, or you are troubled by period pain.

Kissing no less than a workout

You have seen your partner after a few days or met in private, you both obviously have a yearning to hug or get close to each other. You kissed fast this year!

Feeling good and then kissed twice as fast. But have you ever thought that this intensity is equivalent to burning 10-15 calories, say kiss or smooch. So, when you live close to each other, kiss a lot and for a long time

Kiss releases happy hormone

While kissing, a person does not become happy! Have you ever wondered why during your smile? This is because at the time of kiss our brain releases happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin. You are happy and your relationship gets stronger than before.

So what to do and do again and again. Not only this, during which time the level of cortisol in the body decreases and makes our body feel stress-free. All the fatigue runs away and stress tells us to buy it.

Blood pressure low

Kissing and spending time physically with each other is not only good for your mental health. It also gives you a workout that reduces your blood pressure. By kissing, your heartbeat beats in such a healthy way that your blood pressure automatically decreases. This dilutes your blood vessels, allowing the blood to flow well in all your organs.

Does the effect of the ageless kiss

Intense kissing removes the effect of age appearing on your face. It shapes your neck and jawline. It also accelerates blood circulation in facial muscles. It does the same thing as facial exercises. Research shows that while kissing many facial muscles become active. So next time while kissing, keep in mind that the number of times you do, the effect of your age will be reduced.

Kisses with cavities

When kissing, saliva starts spreading inside your mouth. This clears the plaque that forms on your teeth. These plaques are the cause of cavities. So the next time you kiss, do a smooch. Also, be happy because it is also protecting you from dental problems.

Kiss increases confidence

You looked at yourself in the mirror and realized that you are not feeling well. Not only this, if you count yourself less than others? So what is a good way to avoid it, that is, to increase your confidence? Because what makes you happy. You feel that you are important. And this important feeling enhances your self-confidence. Motivates you to do good work.