Keep these things in mind while worshiping!


In Hinduism, worship of Gods and Goddesses is considered to be of great importance. Everyone must worship God at least once a day. It is believed that by worshiping God, the person gets his grace and the Happiness comes in life.

- During the worship of the house, two lamps should always be lit in the house. One lamp of ghee and the other of oil.

-Arti should always be performed at the end of worship and after the aarti, revolve around the same place thrice.

It is said that one should never burn incense sticks or incense with lamps during worship. Doing so brings poverty to the house.

It is believed that one should never light a lamp with a lamp at the time of worship. Doing this causes diseases in the home.

At the time of worship, after lighting incense, lamps, and incense sticks, the matchstick should not be extinguished by lighting. It is believed that by doing this Lakshmi is away from home.

According to religious scriptures, incense sticks made from bamboo should not be burnt. Incense sticks should not be burnt just for fragrance. If the right choice of incense sticks is not made, there can be poverty in the house.