Keep these things in mind while applying eyeliner, eyes will get an attractive look


What women do nothing for their beauty and this they resort to makeup. Women pay the most attention to their eyes and use eyeliner to make them attractive. Eyeliner gives a new and attractive look to the eyes. But many girls are not able to use it properly, due to which they do not get the look. So today in this episode, we are going to inform you about the rules to keep in mind while applying eyeliner.

When to apply kajal for the first time

You must have noticed that when someone applies eyeliner for the first time, their hands are not fixed. Because of which there is a fear of spreading of mascara. That is why experts recommend using a pencil in the beginning. Use waterproof and smudge-proof pencils only in the beginning. First, draw a line from the heavier corner of the eye to the inner corner. If you like a thick liner, draw a thick line. Now draw a line from the thick line to the inner corner from the corner of the eye and leave it to dry.

If you have small eyes

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, then add both lines of eyeliner on the lower and upper part of the eyes. This will make your eyes look bigger. Do not use the call on the side of the waterline. Otherwise, if you have small eyes, you can also use white or beige colored eyeliner pencils for this. Use them on the waterline, so that your eyes will look big.

Do not apply liner after mascara

Always note that mascara is applied only after eyeliner. If you apply it first then your eye makeup can get spoiled. While applying eyeliner, keep in mind that your eyes are open when you apply eyeliner. If your eyes remain closed then there is an increased risk of it spreading. In this case, be careful while applying. Especially when your eyeliner is waterproof.

For liquid eyeliner

If you want to make your eyes look big and impressive, then apply coal liner on the waterline. For this, you can make thin and thick lines with this sponge tip applicator eyeliner. With this, you should always use smoke-proof, waterproof, and long elastic liner. There can be no effective solution to make big eyes look dermatic and brilliant.