Keep these things in mind when packing woolen clothes


Before packing for winter clothes, read these tips, your clothes will retain shine and newness


The winter season is almost over and people have started to decorate the summer clothes back to the wardrobe and put the winter clothes in the box. In such a situation, if you keep your wool clothes in a safe box till next winter, then you will see the same newness and softness in them as it is now.

Usually, people wash and keep wool clothes in the chest as soon as summer starts, but this is not the right way to pack wool clothes. If you pack wool clothes in this way, do not do it this time...

Today we will tell you what things should be kept in mind before closing the winter clothes in the box-

Brush it off

Many winter clothes can be washed and cleaned at home. In such a situation, when it comes time to put clothes in the chest, they are usually washed in homes and dried in the sun. But you have to dry the wool clothes thoroughly before placing them in the box and brush them. Clothes that cannot be brushed should be brushed thoroughly. This is because when you dry your clothes in the sun, dust particles also freeze in them. It is necessary to remove them from clothes, otherwise, clothes can cause fungus.

Partition like this

If you want to keep many wool clothes in the same box, then you must make a partition of paper between all the clothes. Many people pack clothes in plastic bags, but this method is also wrong. No cloth should be kept inside the plastic bag for a long time. You should pack the clothes in an old newspaper and keep them in the box.

How to apply naphthalene balls

Generally, people place naphthalene balls in the middle of clothes. But this method is wrong, you should put 2-2 naphthalene balls in the four corners of the box. If you use more naphthalene balls then it will not smell dirty if you use clothes again. Even better, you tie the naphthalene balls in a thin cotton cloth and then put them in the box.

Apart from naphthalene balls, you can put some drops of neem oil or lavender oil in a cotton pad and put them in the box. This will also keep your wool clothes safe.

Fold and keep

Fold warmly while keeping warm clothes in the box. If you do not keep the clothes properly folded, then there will be wrinkles in them, which will spoil their look, as well as problems in packing the clothes. Especially if you are keeping a woolen coat or jacket, then keep it well folded.

Where to store warm clothes

Along with packing, you also have to keep in mind that the place where you store winter clothes should neither be damp nor direct sunlight. You should pack them in a place where there is darkness. If you store winter clothes in a damp place, then they will smell.