Keep special attention on these things during travel, otherwise, you can be corona positive


If you are going on a journey during Corona, then take special care of these things.

Corona infection is once again rapidly killing people. This time the speed of Corona is so fast that more than 2 lakh people are getting infected every day across the country. Several states in the country have imposed a night or weekend curfew to break the corona infection chain. At the same time, the Delhi government has announced a complete lockdown till the morning of April 26, given the increasing cases of corona.

In such a situation, if you are thinking of going out somewhere, then you have to take some precautions to avoid a fatal infection. Today we will tell you some ways, with the help of which you will be able to complete your journey without getting infected.

Use masks and gloves

Travel only when very necessary in the Corona period. If going on a trip is not necessary, then staying at home is a better option. Also, do not forget to wear masks and gloves while going out of the house. With this, you can protect yourself and your family from getting corona infected.

Wear a double mask

This time the corona infection is wreaking much havoc. There is also talk of infection spreading in the air. In such a situation, it is now being suggested to apply the double mask. Wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose completely when you get out of the house. Also, do not use such masks at all, in which the air comes from the sides of the sides. Do not touch the mask frequently and keep using the sanitizer.

Use digital payment apps

Whenever you get out of the house, consider the front corona infected and follow social distancing. Avoid cash transactions during travel or shopping and use more and more digital payment apps. By doing this you will be able to protect yourself from corona infection.

Avoid traveling in crowds

If you want to protect yourself from corona infection, do not travel in crowds at all. If asked, avoid public transport completely. Always travel with your means. By doing this you will not be able to get in contact with other people and the risk of infection will be reduced.

Use zip pouch for mobile

It is almost impossible to stay away from mobile. In the case of the virus, mobile is considered to be the riskiest because mobile is not sanitized. By doing this, there are chances of the mobile going bad. So during the journey keep the mobile in a zip pouch and leave one in the pouch for voice. By doing this the infection will not stick on the mobile and you will also be safe.

Be careful in the lift

Special care must be taken in the hotel lift when you go out somewhere. If there are already people in the script, wait for the empty lift to arrive. Do not use the finger to press the lip button. If you have a pen, use it to press the lift button. Also, use the elbow or leg when opening the door of the script.

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