Keep care of small children in this way during the winter season, there will not be cold


The weather is starting to change. The cold winds have knocked. In such a situation, young children need extra care. If the elders feel cold, they tell it by saying, but even the youngest children cannot say. If young children become very cold, they may also develop a fever and cold. Their body is very fragile towards the winter season. It is very important that they be worn full time. Let us know, what precautions are necessary to protect children from cold.

Wear a garment more than yourself

If you wear one, two clothes on top of one on cold days, then wear three. They feel colder. Instead of wearing thick clothes, dress them in layering. Do not wear them with thick cloth and wear three thin clothes. By doing this, they will feel less cold and will not be nervous.

Massage daily

Massage your baby with olive oil in winter to protect it from dryness. This increases the immunity of the child as well as blood circulation. Massage also keeps the body warm. Do not bathe your baby immediately after massaging. In case of excess cold, instead of bathing the baby, soak clean towels in light lukewarm water and clean the baby's body.

Take care of the temperature

The Baby's room temperature should be between 16 and 20 degrees. If cold winds are going on, keep the doors and windows of the room closed from the evening but make sure that the child's room is airy. You can use a room heater or humidifier to keep the room warm. Do not run the heater too fast.

Clothes should not be wet

In the cold, take special care that your baby's clothes are not wet otherwise he may become ill. Wake up again and again at night to see if the clothes have become wet. Immediately replace the wet nappy. If sleep does not open at night, sleep by setting an alarm. If the child sleeps in the wet for a long time, he is sure to have a cold.

Bed be warm

Cotton sheets and blankets can provide enough warmth to your child in bed. So, first, put these, then put the child to sleep on it. The child can be put to sleep in a sleeping bag or sleep-sac. Putting a warm water bag or heating pad on the bed before the baby goes to bed will bring warmth to the baby's cold bed and he will be able to sleep comfortably.