Janmashtami 2020: Why Kanha is offered on Janmashtami 56 Bhog, know its interesting story


The tradition of offering 56 Bhog offerings to Sri Krishna on Janmashtami has been around for centuries. Know the interesting story behind it.

Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp across the country. It is believed that Kanha was born today and he came to earth to save the world. Everyone, from children to elders, is seen painted in the colour of Shri Krishna. While the younger children remain little Kanha and Radha, the elders are preparing to worship Shri Krishna by law. On this occasion houses and temples are decorated with full reverence and gaiety. The tableaux of Shri Krishna on this day fascinate everyone. The celebration of Janmashtami becomes even more euphoric with echoes of Kanha's songs and hymns everywhere. Well, this time Janmashtami is special because it is being celebrated for two days. Today special dishes are being made at home to offer Bal-Gopal. Among them, there is a special recognition of 56 types of Bhog and it has been going on for centuries.

It is believed that Lord Krishna is pleased with the fifty-six bhog and fulfils the wishes of his devotees. There is also a legend behind the 56 Bhog offerings to the Lord. It is believed that when Nanhe Kanha lived with her mother Yashoda in Gokul Dham, the mother used to give them food every day at eight o'clock. Kanha used to take this food from his mother's hands. But after this, such a calamity occurred in Gokul Dham that Kanha had to starve for several consecutive days.

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Wondering why there are specifically 56 items in a 56 bhog? To protect his people from The God of Rain- Lord Indra, Krishna ji had lifted the Govardhan Parvat under which all the villagers had taken refuge. He stood still for seven whole days continuously having no food or rest, until Lord Indra realised his mistake. Lord Krishna would usually eat eight food items every day. So at the end of the seventh day, everyone made Krishna ji a total of 56 dishes! It was a feast, and it so prevails! . _ . _ Use #culturenation to be featured. . ???? : @vvenus.satna . _ . _ . _ . _ . _ . __________________________________________ #colorful #style #culture #culturetrip #cultureclub #insta #indiatravel #indians #india #indianheritage #heritageday #heritage #heritageofindia #hindu #travelphotography #travelindia #traveling #travel #photo #photography #photooftheday #56bhog #bhog #food #indianfestivals

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Indra dev rained heavily on Gokul. Gokul residents started getting upset due to the incessant rains. At this, Krishna lifted Govardhan Parvat on one of his fingers to protect the people of Gokul and kept standing like this for 7 consecutive days until the rain stopped.

Kanha's favourite food items are included in 56 Bhog

When the rain stopped, the people of Gokul were relieved and came out from under Mount Govardhan. But during this time, the people of Gokul realized that Kanha protected them for seven days without eating or drinking anything. During this time Shri Krishna was very hungry. Then Mata Yashoda and all the Gokulvasis, together counting the eight days of seven days for their deity, cooked 56 types of delicious dishes for them. The special thing is that 56 bhog contains the same dishes which Kanha likes. Special care is taken for cleanliness while preparing these dishes.

These food items are in 56 enjoyment

There has been a tradition in our country for 56 delicious offerings to Sri Krishna for centuries. On the night of Janmashtami, offerings of coriander registers are made in the joy of the birth of God. 56 Bhog includes various food items like cereals, fruits, dry fruits, sweets, beverages, namkeen and pickles in addition to registries.

All the specially made dishes are prepared in pure desi ghee. Women start preparations for making 56 bhog a long time and on the day of Janmashtami, all the people of the family cooperate extensively in preparing 56 bhog.

In 56 types of food items, many women offer 20 types of sweets, 16 types of snacks and 20 types of dry fruits to Lord Krishna. Usually Makhan Mishri, Kheer, Almond milk, Cashew, Almond, Pistachio, Rasgulla, Jalebi, Laddu, Rabri, Mathri, Malpua, Moong Dal Halwa, Mohanthaal etc. are offered to Kanha on this special day of special enjoyment. Apart from this, chutney, pakoras, tikkis, khichdi, brinjal sabzi, gourd sabzi, puris, murrabe, greens, curd, rice, cardamom, lentils, kadhi, ghevar, chila and papad etc. are also part of 56 bhog.

People of the household eat food only after offering these types of dishes to God. On this day, children especially enjoy dressing, playing, playing the flute and dancing to the songs of Radha-Krishna in Krishna avatar.

We wish that Janmashtami's day is very auspicious for you and celebrate it with great pomp with your whole family.