Janmashtami 2020: Offer Laddu Gopal on Janmashtami, these 5 offerings , your wishes will be fulfilled


Today, we will tell you what will be done by offering Laddoo Gopal in Janmashtami to fulfil all your wishes.

Like every year, preparations have begun to celebrate Janmashtami with great pomp throughout the country. According to religious books, Lord Krishna was fond of eating sweets, so to make Laddu Gopal happy on this day, women make different kinds of dishes and make offerings to him. But let us tell you what Lord Krishna likes to eat in Prasad.

Atte ki Panjiri

Many dishes are prepared for prasadam on Janmashtami and flour registries are one of them. It is very easy to make, just take care of the material and method, it becomes very tasty.

How to make

Take a pan and add ghee to it and fry melon seeds. After they turn light golden, remove them and keep them aside. After this, again put ghee in the pan and fry them by adding chopped nuts. After this, once again put ghee in the pan and fry the flour and semolina on a low flame till it becomes golden. After this, add nuts and melon seeds in it. Add the powdered sugar as the ingredients cool. In this way, Panjiri will be ready. You can also add ground cardamom to it for taste.

Makkhan Mishri

Laddu Gopal is also known as Makhan Chor and it is known that Laddoo Gopal loves Makhan Mishri. If you want to make Laddoo Gopal happy on Janmashtami then make Prasad of Makkhan Mishri.

How to make

First, put curd in a big pot and then churn it with churn. After this, add curd to the blender. Blinding easily extracts Makkhan. Take out the butter in a bowl and pour the sugar and pistachio almonds on top. You can also add saffron for good flavour.

Makhana Paag

Laddu Gopal also loves Makhana Paag Sweets. It can be made very easily at home. Along with Makhana, you can also chew other nuts.

How to make

For this, fry the makhanas well in desi ghee. After this, make three-wire syrup and dip the makhanas in it. The syrup of three-wire is very thick, it is easily wrapped in makhanas.


Panchamrit has special significance in Janmashtami. This is the Prasana with which Laddu Gopal is bathed and people drink like Prasad to that Panchamrit.

How to make

Take yoghurt in a vessel and whisk well. Then add milk, honey, Gangajan and Tulsi. Simultaneously, add nuts like makhana, gari, chironji, raisins and chuura. Finally, add some ghee. Panchamrit will be ready.

Makhana Kheer

Laddoo Gopal loves the dish of milk, ghee, butter and dry fruits. Therefore, Kheer is also offered as a Prasad of Laddu Gopal on Janmashtami.

How to make

First, cut the cashew nuts and almonds a month and keep them aside. Finely chop the makhanas and then grind them coarsely in the grinder. Now heat ghee from a pan and fry the makhanas for a minute. Then add milk and boil it. If the Makhana is completely melted, add chopped nuts and then add sugar. When the kheer is ready, add ground cardamom.