Janki Navami: Today is a very special day for women, all miseries will be overcome by doing this work!


In our Sanatan Dharma, Mata Janaki's place is unique. Everyone knows Mother Sita as Ardhangini of Maryada Purushottam Shri Rama and Prabhu Rama also rejoices over his devotee who is a devotee of Mother Sita.

Let us tell you that today is Sita Navami. Today is a very big day for those who believe in Hinduism. Today is very special for women. According to Hindu religious beliefs today all the sorrows of a woman who fasts are gone away and the age of her husband also increases.

On this day, a woman who wakes up in the morning and bathes in a holy river, or after bathing in the holy river water, worships the ritual of Ram Darwar, wearing yellow clothes and offering yellow sandalwood to mother Sita for "Janaki Mangal" gets benefits.