Jamun Sirka is boon for diabetic patients, so consume it


Diabetes is an incurable disease. Blood sugar level increases in diabetes. Also, the release of insulin hormone from the pancreas stops. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 Tybititis and Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is more dangerous. This disease mostly occurs in adults. In this disease, there is a special need to avoid medication. If negligent, it can prove dangerous for health. According to experts, diabetics should pay special attention to diet and exercise regularly. While keeping a distance from sweet things. If you are also a diabetic patient and want to control your blood sugar level, then drink berries of berries daily. Let's know-

Jamun tree is easily found in all parts of the country. It is known by many names. In English, it is called Blackberry. Its taste is astringent and acidic. People in the village area eat berries with salt. According to the diet chart, 20-25 calories are found in each cup of berries. Berries are used as medicine in Ayurveda. This fruit contains fibre, magnesium, iron and vitamins-A, B, C, which is beneficial for health. At the same time, the vinegar of berries also proves to be a boon for health. This nectar is similar especially for diabetic patients. It is effective in skin, gums and many other diseases. Dietitian always recommends using vinegar to control blood sugar.

How to consume

Taking berries of vinegar in the morning daily provides relief in diabetes. For this, mix one teaspoon of vinegar in half a glass of water daily at breakfast. This keeps blood sugar levels under control. Also, the digestive system is strong.

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