Israel-Palestine Dispute: When and how did the fight between these two countries begin?


Israel and Palestine are two countries whose dispute has been going on for a long time. Agreements were reached several times to establish peace and to end differences between the two countries, but the conclusion was not much. Today, through this article, we will tell you about all the reasons, due to which the dispute between these two countries increased day by day.

The differences between Israel and Palestine begin with the end of the Ottoman Empire. During this time the widespread influence of nationalism was being seen throughout Europe. Many countries were divided into pieces. The wave of nationalism was uniting them. Countries like Italy and Germany were uniting in the name of nationalism. Its influence was also seen among the Jews. The spirit of nationalism arose among the Jewish people. The desire to resuscitate them arose.

This is where the Jionishta movement begins. In the 19th century, this Holy Land of Jews was known as Palestine. During this time Jews were scattered all over Europe. There was a lot of exploitation in Europe with them. Initially, during the Gionist movement, Jews migrated to Palestine on a small scale. After this comes the tour of the First World War. In 1917, Belfor Declaration came. Many believe that the Belfor declaration was the main reason that led to the differences between Israel and Palestine.

Belfor Declaration

During the First World War in 1917, when the Ottomans were on the verge of defeat. At that time, British Foreign Minister Sir Arthur Belfor issued a declaration. This declaration indicated that Britain would give the Jews their Holy Land Palestine and rehabilitate them there. On the other hand, Briton secretly signed the Sykes-Picot Agreement with France and Russia. Under this, he divided the entire Middle East into different parts and decided which country would go to which part after the end of the First World War. In this, he kept Palestine in his share. Syria and Jordan were awarded to France. At the same time, some parts of Turkey went to Russia. On the one hand, Britain collectively said that we would give Palestine to the Jews. On the other hand, he secretly kept this part with him under the Sykes-Peaco Agreement.

After the end of World War I

After the end of World War I, the Ottoman Empire was defeated. British Mandate begins in Palestine. Due to the Belfor declaration, a large number of Jews were migrating to Palestine. During this period, the number of Jews started growing rapidly here. The Jews who were migrating to Palestine, came here and started buying land. Gradually, Jews began to expand into Palestine. Now Jews increased the rate of buying land from Arab Palestinians even more than before. Jews were beginning to expand in Palestine.

After consolidating his dominance in Palestine, he began to drive away from the Arab Palestinians. Due to this, the Arab Palestinians revolted in 1936. The British government enlisted the help of the Jewish army to suppress it. Later, the British government imposed a number of restrictions on Jewish migration to pacify Arab Palestinians. Due to this, the Jewish people turned against the British government and secretly started guerrilla attacks on them.

second World War

This is followed by the beginning of World War II. Under Hitler's rule, massacre of Jews took place all over Europe. Nearly 4.2 million Jews were put to death in a gas chamber. Jews living in Europe felt that there was no place other than Palestine where Jews could live safely.

The emergence of the nation of Israel

The United Nations came into existence after World War II. On the other hand, the differences between Jews and Arabs had increased considerably. Britain was not able to resolve this issue, so it sent the issue to the United Nations. Voting took place in the United Nations on this issue, and as a result, where there is a large number of Jews, they will be given to Israel. At the same place, where the Arabs are in majority, they will be given Palestine. The third was Jerusalem, there were many differences about it. Half of the population here was Jewish and half the population was Muslim. Regarding this, the United Nations said in its decision that international control would be applied to the region.

Arab Israel War 1948-49

Immediately after this decision of the U.N., the neighboring countries of Israel (Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan) attacked it. In this war, Israel defended itself and defeated these four countries. After this battle, Jordan had control of the entire West Bank of Palestine. Egypt on the Gaza Strip. At someplace there was a Palestinian girl, who was captured by Israel. Due to this war, Palestine became non-existent. Israel captured fifty percent of Palestine in the war. Because of this war, nearly seven million Arab Palestinians had to leave their country as refugees.