Is this Nostradamus prophecy now being proved true after Corona?


It seems that another prophecy of the great astrologer of France, Nostradamus, is now being proved right. According to reports, on December 14, 1503, France-born Nostradamus made predictions about the Coronavirus and the United States for the year 2020. According to reports, Philosopher Nostradamus made such predictions many 465 years ago. Of this, the prediction of the coronavirus has been proved correct.

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc in the world this year. So far more than 66 lakh people have been affected by this virus worldwide. At the same time, the prediction about America seems to be correct. He had predicted years before that the year 2020 would prove to be extremely bad for America. America is witnessing the most havoc of the coronavirus in the world.

On May 25, the US president has also been in trouble following the death of African-American man George Floyd due to police brutality in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. During this time, there is a fierce demonstration in the whole of America about racism and black community brutality. The situation had reached such a point that Donald Trump himself had to hide in the bunker for safety.