IRCTC does not give a seat among men to a woman traveling in a train, Know such facts


You must have traveled by train many times. IRCTC provides ticket booking, catering and tourism services. You cannot book tickets online without IRCTC. Today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about IRCTC which you may not know about.

IRCTC website of Indian Railways is one of the busiest websites in India. 7200 tickets can be booked in a minute through IRCTC's e-ticketing system.

Only 27 tickets were booked on the IRCTC website on the first day, whereas as of now, more than 5 lakh tickets are booked daily on the IRCTC website.

According to, IRCTC also gives a special facility to women. If a woman books a ticket in a train through IRCTC, then IRCTC will give a seat to that woman only at such a place where the seat is already booked in the name of a woman. This railway does this so that the woman does not feel uncomfortable and unsafe sitting in the middle of many men.