Interesting facts about Dubai, which many people do not know, see photos


Today I brought an interesting article about some interesting facts of Dubai which many people do not know. I share this article with you all here.

1. let us tell you for your information that the people who come to Dubai are not allowed to wear pornographic clothes.

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2. Do you know that the fifth largest sea bridge in the world exists in Dubai, where big ships are standing in the water?, it is also known as Rashid Port.

3. Kissing in Dubai is considered illegal in public. If you are found doing this then you get severe punishment.

4. You will be surprised to know that till 1968 only 13 cars were registered in Dubai and now more than 2 million cars are registered.

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5. In Dubai, liquor is only drunk at licensed places.

6. For your information, please tell that supercar is present with Dubai Police.

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7. The world's largest flower garden opened in 2013 in Dubai on Valentine's Day, which has 45 million flowers.

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