Infectious corona patients can increase the death toll spread by infection!


The growing corona in the country is increasing with a great crisis. The figures coming out are creating new records. In the last 24 hours, a record of 83,883 new cases of coronavirus was reported in the country, due to which the number of infected people has now crossed 38 lakh. Although the recovery rate of the country has improved the death toll is also worrying. Thus, many patients do not see symptoms, which is even more worrying because asymptomatic patients have higher numbers of viruses. This has been claimed in a research study on 200 corona patients in Hyderabad. This information has been revealed based on the genome sequencing of patients by taking a sample of the virus. Many other facts have also been learned in this research.

Researchers at Hyderabad's Center for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostic have found higher numbers of viruses in asymptomatic patients in Corona. Indian scientists say that if the infection spreads, the death rate may increase in the event of reduced immunity. Researchers, after studying 200 patients, reported that patients without symptoms showed no effect of the corona, but they could also cause death due to infection with people with low immunity.

According to the researchers, their genome was sequenced after taking samples of the virus from Corona patients in Hyderabad. The report revealed that there has been a rapid mutation in them. According to researcher Muralitharan, the infection has spread from Corona's 20B clade strain in 95 percent of the infected population.

Between May and July, 20B clade strain infection of the coronavirus occurred up to 100 percent. In Hyderabad, the virus spread through another strain. The virus with a 20B clade strain prepared itself and started spreading the infection from May. Changes in the spike protein of 20B strain virus have been observed, due to which the rate of infection is currently high.

Samples were taken from May to July for this research study. During this period, the number of asymptomatic corona patients was high. Whichever virus samples were taken were aged between 15 and 62 years. Among them, 61 percents were males and 39 percent females. Researchers have identified mutations associated with this virus, which have not been caught in other research in the country.