Indira wanted to get Rajiv Gandhi married to this girl, not Sonia Gandhi


Rajiv-Sonia Gandhi's marriage lasted for 23 years and their love story continued till the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. In 1956, during a general hangout at London's Varsity Restaurant with friends, Rajiv saw Sonia Meno and fell in love with her.

She was studying in Cambridge and working as a parttime waitress at the hotel. He asked the restaurant owner and his close friend Charles Antoine to stay close to Sonia and paid a large sum of money instead. The two slowly fell in love with each other and got married. They married in 1968.

But very few people will know that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi wanted to marry her elder son Rajiv Gandhi to the daughter of well-known actor late Raj Kapoor.

Journalist Rashid Kidwai has revealed this in his book 'Leader Actor: Bollywood Star Power in Indian Politics'. Indira's father Jawaharlal Nehru and veteran actor Prithviraj Kapoor had a very good friendship.

Indira then decided to marry Rajiv Gandhi to Raj Kapoor's elder daughter Ritu. But her desire could not be fulfilled. Because Rajiv wanted to marry Sonia.