India has so far sent Corona vaccine to nine countries, will also supply Kovacs initiative


The world has now moved towards ending the Corona epidemic. Barring a few countries, almost all countries have started getting the Corona vaccine. The vaccination campaign is going on in India and now vaccines are being sent to different countries from here too. According to reports, India has so far sent more than 6 million doses of the Corona vaccine to a total of nine countries. India's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador K Nagaraj Naidu said on Monday, 'Vaccines are being supplied to other countries on a contractual basis in a phased manner. We will also gradually supply vaccines to the Kovacs initiative of the World Health Organization. '

Nagaraj Naidu said, "As the world's largest vaccine manufacturer, we are fulfilling our commitment to provide our vaccine production and delivery capacity for the benefit of the entire humanity." He said that India has also trained many partner countries to strengthen their clinical capabilities and also enhanced their vaccination capabilities. He told the United Nations Council that India has assisted more than 150 countries through instant health and medical supplies.

What is the Kovacs Initiative?

Kovacs is a global initiative aimed at ensuring that all countries receive the Corona vaccine rapidly and equally, whether their income is low or high. More than 180 countries of the world are associated with this initiative.

India has pledged to provide 1.5 million doses of Corona vaccine to the vaccine alliance Gavi and has operated the Kovid-19 Emergency Fund for its neighboring countries, with an initial contribution of $ 10 million. Nagraj Naidu said that our endeavor is to work towards delivering the vaccine in a uniform and economical manner worldwide.

Which countries have India sent the vaccine to?

India has sent countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and the Maldives to countries on the basis of grant-in-aid under the 'Neighbor First' policy. In fact, Kovishield and covaxine vaccines are being used in India as a vaccination campaign and other countries are also providing the same vaccines.