Include these things rich in protein and taste in your breakfast


In today's run-of-the-mill life, people do not even have enough time to sit comfortably and have food. For this reason, people often either do not have breakfast in the morning or skip it properly. But not having breakfast in the morning is not good for health at all. Breakfast gives our body the energy to work day by day with nutrition. Therefore, breakfast is the most important part of our diet for the whole day. Therefore, breakfast should never be missed. It should also be noted that breakfast should be full of nutrients

Egg contains a lot of protein. Most people eat eggs to meet protein deficiency. Many egg recipes are good in taste and they do not take any time to cook. You can eat the scrambled eggs (egg bhurji) or by boiling eggs and adding spices. There will be no problem in making it in the morning and your breakfast will also be healthy. To make it more healthy, you can also make it by adding vegetables.

Oats are a very good option for a meal in the morning and it is rich in fiber. You can make idlis of oats, they are digestible and full of protein. To make idli, use urad dal, chana dal, curd, oats, and some vegetables. This will make it tasty as well as healthy. This will also keep your weight under control.

Soy is a protein-rich food item. You can prepare it best by adding chopped vegetables and soybeans in semolina. By which your stomach will also become full and you will also get the necessary nutrients. It does not take much time to make it either.

If you want to eat something sweet in the morning, but also healthy, then you can try apple pudding or gourd pudding. Apple pudding can also be made in different flavors. This is a good option. Nobody wants to eat gourd-like that but hot gourd pudding looks delicious.