In winter, the skin around the nails comes out, then these home remedies will give relief!


There are many problems related to the skin during the winter season, but talk often many people complain about the skin around the nails. Because of this, not only does the person get upset, but it also causes pain and burning sensation when it is uprooted. Not only this, due to this problem, the beauty of the person's hands also deteriorates.

If you also have this kind of problem then you can follow these tips.

- Once a day, keep hands immersed in lukewarm water. By doing this you will get rid of this problem soon.

- Aloe vera gel is also very effective in getting rid of this problem. Apply aloe vera gel over the nails for five minutes. In a week, the effect will be visible.

Massage the night with olive oil around the nails.

-Petroleum jelly, ie massaging your nails with vaseline, will also remove your problems related to the skin there.