In which direction is your main door, the door of this direction gives happiness, prosperity, and progress


Home is very important for any person. A house is not only a four-walled house, it is made up of a person's dreams, emotions, and love. Hence special precautions need to be taken while building a house. According to Vastu, it is very important to take care of the directions while making the main door of the house. Doors made in different directions have different effects. While the door in the right direction fills your life with positivity, the door in the wrong direction causes problems for you and your family members. So let us know in which direction the door made gives you happiness, prosperity, and progress, in which direction the door is made to be inauspicious….

The gate in the east direction in Vastu is considered very auspicious. So at the same time, it is considered good to build a door in this direction from a spiritual and practical point of view. When the sun rises due to the door in the east direction, its rays come directly into your house. So that positivity prevails in your house.

North direction door

In Vastu, the north direction is considered as the direction of Kubera. According to Vastu, it is best to have the main door of the house in this direction. If the door of your house is in the north direction, then it brings wealth and prosperity. By having a door in the north direction, one gets the opportunity to take long journeys which are very auspicious.

The main gate in the west direction

According to Vastu, the door made in the west direction is also auspicious. The people whose houses are in the west direction, even though the people of that house are progressing slowly but the success they get is permanent.

South direction door

According to Vastu, the main door of the house should not be built in the south direction. The main gate of the south direction is considered very inauspicious. The south is considered to be the direction of Yama. On being the main gate in the south direction, the person is always surrounded by problems and at times there is a possibility of a crisis in life. The door should not be made in the south direction. If your main gate is in the south direction then Vastu dosha should be removed.