In summer, mosquitoes are disturbing, so make refill liquid at home in this way!


Most people use refills to drive away mosquitoes. The refill is filled with liquid, which is fitted into a machine. The machine heats the liquid of the refill and it starts circulating in the air, causing the mosquito to escape. But once it is over, you have to buy this refill liquid again. You might not be aware that you can make liquid filled inside the refill at home.

These things will be needed for a refill:

If you have a refill machine from any company, then its liquid can be made at home. For this, all you need is camphor and turpentine oil. They are very cheap and you will easily find them in the market.

You can prepare liquid for 2 years i.e. 24 months with one liter of turpentine and one packet of camphor.

This will be your big savings:

A pack of camphor costs around 20 rupees

One liter turpentine oil costs around 45 rupees

Total expenditure of both is 20 + 45 = 65 rupees

That is, the refill liquid can be ready for 2 years for about 65 rupees.

Know further how to prepare mosquito repellent liquid at home with camphor and turpentine oil.

Prepare formula like this:

To make a liquid, first, grind camphor very finely. It should be a very fine powder. Now take out the rod from the old refill and add ground camphor to it. After this, put turpentine oil in it and attach it to the rod. After closing the refill, stir until the camphor dissolves in the oil. Your liquid will be ready as soon as these two are mixed.

Note: A packet of camphor contains more than 24 tikkis. At the same time, more than 24 refills can be filled easily with one liter of turpentine. That is, by spending 65 rupees, you can make a mosquito repellent refill for 2 years.