Immunity: How to know that our immunity is weak, what to do and what not to do?


During the corona epidemic, the system of the body that has received the most attention is our immunity. Our immunity protects us from various diseases. It fights with toxins like viruses, bacteria, fungus, and viral infections like colds, coughs are kept away from us. Due to our strong immunity, it also protects us from lung, kidney, and liver infections, and other serious diseases. It has been said since the beginning of the corona infection whose immunity will be weak, there is a high risk of this epidemic. For this reason, many doctors, specialists, and health agencies are advising to keep immunity strong.

Actually, there are many contagious elements around us that cause allergies or harm our health. We have no idea and we accept it with food. In the pollution filled environment, we absorb harmful elements along with air while breathing. ... And if we do not get sick even after this happens, the reason behind it is that our immune system is strong.

Those whose immune system is weak, they cannot tolerate weather revenge, allergies, etc. and fall ill in such conditions. Although blood reports often reveal how a person's immunity is, with the weakening of the immune system, our body also often gives many types of signals.

Do you get sick often or do you get sick quicker than others? If this happens then your immunity is weak. There are many signs of this, such as-

Frequent colds

Frequent cough or sore throat

Persistent fatigue


Skin rashes can also occur due to the immune system. There are also other signs of weak immunity, such as-

Frequent gingivitis,

Sore mouth

UTI, diarrhea, etc.

Sleeplessness, depression, and dark circles, etc.

Some of us get sick when there is a slight change in the weather. This happens due to changes and effects on body temperature. Dr. Praveen Sinha, a physician associated with the Red Cross Society, states that for a strong immune system, the normal oral body temperature should not be below 36.3 ° C.

Dr. Sinha says that the cold-virus viruses survive at 33 degrees. If the temperature is right, it will not affect your body. He says that every day you can keep your body temperature right by exercising and doing yoga and doing so will keep your immunity. Dr. Sinha also recommends including hot spices such as garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, etc. to be included in the diet.