IMMUNITY BOOSTER FOOD: These things are 100% effective in the kitchen to increase immunity!


In the era of the COVID-19 epidemic, we have now fully understood how important immunity is to the body. So today we have brought information related to this for you. We are going to tell you which foods in your kitchen can help increase your immunity.

Black pepper

Black pepper contains anti-inflammatory effects and powerful anti-oxidants. It is very helpful in increasing immunity. Black pepper is also very beneficial for the light of the eyes.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and powerful anti-oxidants. You must have drunk turmeric milk during the cold and heavy cough. It is the best immunity booster.


Garlic is a very good anti-microbe agent. This will increase your immunity and also keep you healthy. It is advised to chew raw by cutting it into small pieces for more benefit.

Overnight soaked and fermented rice

Pour some water in some tablespoon cooked white rice and soak it and leave it for the whole night. In the morning, filter the rice and eat an empty stomach. You can mix curd, onion, and green chili in it and eat it as a breakfast. It is a good source of vitamin B12. Vitamin B plays a very important role in boosting immunity.