If you want to wear white outfits, then get style inspiration from Priyanka Chopra


Our desi girl Priyanka Chopra wears something that looks very stylish in her different style. Her style sense is unique and we can all take inspiration from her. Priyanka Chopra looks good in every color, but if she looks at her white outfits, then everyone will have a different look in them. Whether it is a saree or a western dress, Priyanka Chopra looks very special in her white outfits.

So why not take some inspiration from these outfits of Priyanka Chopra and try to include some outfits in your wardrobe like her outfits. Today we are going to tell you about 5 such white outfits of Priyanka and will also give you tips related to her style.

1. All White Look-

Priyanka Chopra looks classy in this all-white look. With a white shirt and ripped pants, Priyanka Chopra is wearing gradient glasses to complement her look.

How can you copy this look?

- Color coding is very important in such a look. Do not wear everything else like lipstick, bags, shoes, etc.

- Have the best nude look. You can adopt nude looks with makeup and exercises. Bags, shoes, lipsticks, etc. Everything looks good in a nude base.

2. Long Maxi Look-

This look is quite sexy and this look can be considered perfect for Summers. If you want to wear some summer special dress then this can be a good option. Priyanka has completed her look with short lens black glasses and you will always like this breezy look.

How can you copy this look?

- To complete this look you can choose pink shade lipstick and a flat shoot with such a look will be very much liked.

If you want to wear this kind of deep maxi dress, then you can also use a foundation on the neck for that. This will not make the face and the color of the face look different.

Priyanka is wearing shades with short glasses here, but you should wear shades according to your face.

3.Off-shoulder white gown look-

This look of Priyanka Chopra is something that not everyone can bridge. Priyanka has nude base lipstick and makeup with an off-shoulder white dress. With this, she has taken nude Louboutin shoes and a matching hand clutch. She was Completing her look with a statement neckpiece.

How can you copy this look?

Before wearing an off-shoulder white gown, you have to take care that you keep the correct makeup of your face as well as your hands and neck because your upper body will get the attention of the people first.

- Here too the rule is that you have to use the nude base.

- You can apply makeup on the face as well as a highlighter on the arms.

3. High collar and deep neckline dress-

Although Priyanka Chopra has done wonders in this dress, it may not be comfortable for many people. We have kept this look in our list because its collar is very good and if you want to wear a white collar dress, then Priyanka Chopra can take inspiration from this look.

How can you copy this look?

- Priyanka Chopra's look is special in her hairstyle. Their hairstyle looks quite good and if you keep the hair open in a collared dress, it will not be good.

With this, you too can adopt a metallic look as Priyanka Chopra has done.

- If you are wearing this type of dress, then pencil heels can be the most perfect.

4. White Saree Look-

Priyanka Chopra is wearing a bralette with her white sari look. Along with this, he has also worn statement rings and earrings. She has a bold eye look with a white net sari.

How can you copy this look?

- Even if you cannot apply bold lipstick with a saree, you can make eye makeup bold. If you want, you can also adopt a smokey eye look.

- Hair can be kept open and sandals can be worn with saris. Just keep in mind that you should wear very high heels with a sari only when you are completely comfortable.