If you want to live long, then say no to processed foods

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Improper eating has a bad effect on health. All health experts state that more than half of serious illnesses are caused by the wrong lifestyle and wrong eating. The diseases that have increased the fastest in the world in the last century are diabetes, heart attack, and cancer. More than 80% of people worldwide die due to diseases like diabetes, heart attack, and cancer. The number of patients who have died due to the coronavirus is very high in these 3 diseases. According to scientists, processed food is the biggest cause of all these three diseases.

What are processed foods?

Processed foods mean diets that have to be resorted to at high temperatures, heavy pressures, machines, etc. to make them tasty. The most popular processed foods are bread, chips, breakfast cereals (corn flakes, muesli, choco chips), cheese, butter, maida, microwaved foods, packaged items (chips, snacks, puffs, other snacks with salt), pizza, burgers, cold drinks, etc. Even though they are made from grains or pulses such as wheat, rice, oats, corn, gram, lentils, all the nutrients are released during processing.

Scientists claim

Research at the University of Otago found that processed foods do not contain fiber at all. Whereas fiber is very important for our body. This controls blood sugar in our bodies. According to scientists, by consuming fiber-rich foods, you can live longer. While the consumption of processed foods makes a person at risk of many diseases.

19 grams of fiber required every day

A healthy person must eat at least 19 grams of fiber every day. Those who eat more than 35 grams of fiber daily reduce the risk of premature death by 35%. For more fiber, eat whole grains, legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas, beans, etc.), vegetables, and raw fruits.

Change eating habits

If you eat white bread or eat things made with fine flour, then stop it now. Buy Holmgren bread instead of white bread and use flour instead of flour. Eat brown rice and brown pasta instead of white rice. Include at least 1 bowl of legumes (dal, rajma, gram, beans), etc. in the diet every day. Also, use fresh vegetables instead of frozen.

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