If you want to identify a combination skin, then take the help of these six methods


We all know that to take proper care of the skin, you should know its type, so that you can choose the right beauty and makeup product for yourself. But if it is difficult for you to decide whether your skin is dry or oily, then surely skincare can be a problem. It is possible that your skin feels dry and pulled from somewhere, then you may see extra shine due to the oil somewhere. In such a situation, the girls do not know about their skin type. Apart from dry and oily skin, there is a skin type and that is combination skin. This type of skin shows dryness and extra oil at the same time and hence it becomes very difficult for girls to choose the right product for themselves. Maybe something similar happens to you. So, today we are telling you six such ways,

Check where the skin shines

If you wash your face with a gentle face wash, then in the afternoon you will either feel dryness in your skin or you will feel oily in it. But if you have a skin combination then your T-zone will look shiny while other parts of the face will look rough.

Sunscreen test

Combination skin can also be identified through sunscreen tests. Just for this, you apply sunscreen all over the face and neck. Wait for some time and then notice which areas on your skin appear Shiny. If the sunscreen dissolves easily in the cheeks, but the nose and forehead look smooth, it means that you have a skin combination.

Enlargement of nose pores

Since the skin on your T-zone is oily, the nose pores are larger than other parts of the skin. You can feel it very easily. While there is no way to shrink your pores, using a toner will help tightens the pores, hydrate the skin, and give your T-zone a matte feel instantly.

Pay attention to acne

Women with combination skin have more breakouts on their T-zone than other parts of their face. So if you also often get pimples on your forehead, nose, and chin, then it can be a sign that you have a skin combination.

Acne and dry patches appear together

Usually, there is acne in oily skin. But if you see acne and dry patches together, then it is also a sign of combination skin. For example, if you have dry patches on your cheeks, while there are breakouts on other areas, then your skin type combination is there. Women with this type of skin should adopt a multi-masking technique to properly care for their skin. For example, apply a clay mask on your T-zone and apply the skin hydrating mask together on the rest of your face.

Changes are seen in periods

This is also a sign of combination skin, which women usually do not pay attention to. When you have periods, you may experience a breakout in your skin that makes you feel that your skin is oily. But once your periods are over, the breakouts are corrected and your skin may be flaky.

Image Credit: freepik, instagram