If you want to eat tasty and healthy food, then include this dish in lunch


If you are troubled by the question of what to prepare every day, then this dish will definitely work for you. Because it is important that every day we get something that is tasty and full of protein and fiber. So that we can be healthy. Healthy and flavored, you can easily include these dishes in your lunch. So let's know which dish is this.


Chole is rich in protein. By including it in your diet, you will not only get protein but you will also get delicious food. One cup of Kabuli chana contains 12 grams of protein.


You can include kuttu rotis in your dinner. Let me tell you, 6 grams of protein is obtained from one cup of buckwheat flour.


Saya is rich in protein. Soy is the best source of protein for vegetarians. If you eat half a cup of soy, it contains 15 grams of protein.

Spinach Cheese

Paneer is the choice of every Indian. Both cheese and spinach are the best options for protein. So today, make yourself a party by making tasty spinach cheese with hot roti at dinner.

Cowpea salad

The most simple and quick to prepare dish is the cowpea salad. Cowpea is a good source of protein. This is the best way to maintain protein levels. If you wish, you can add cucumber, onion, chicken grind for this salad.