If you want to change the taste of paneer, then make 'paneer pasana', it will be ready immediately


Vegetarian Most people like cheese vegetable. But at home, only pea cheese and shahi paneer are made. Which does not taste like a restaurant outside. In such a situation, boredom is often felt with cheese vegetable. But if you want to make something new, then this time make it paneer like. Its recipe is as special. The taste will also be great and everyone will like it. So let's know how to make Paneer Padua.


300 grams Paneer

20 grams raisins

20 grams Cashew Nuts

20 g arrowroot

20 grams all-purpose flour

500 ml refined oil

01 pinch saffron

02 teaspoon cream

Salt to taste

Ingredients for gravy

100 grams onion

200 g Tomatoes

25 grams Cashew Nuts

02 teaspoon ginger

Garlic paste

02 grams red chili powder

04 Nos. White Cardamom

04 Nos Cloves

25 grams Mawa (Khoya)

Make like this

Reduce 25 grams of cottage cheese out of 300 grams of cheese and cut thin pieces of the remaining cheese. Now add cashews, raisins, salt, and saffron, and mix. Add salt and water to the flour and arrowroot and keep a thick solution.

Put half the pieces of cottage cheese and keep the mixture evenly on the cottage cheese and make the rest of the paneer pieces on top and make it like a sandwich. Heat the oil in a pan and dip the paneer sandwiches in the batter and fry them one by one until they turn golden.

Make onion, ginger, and garlic paste. Now grind tomatoes, cashews and make a thin paste. Heat 100 grams of oil in a pan and add cloves and cardamom and fry for a minute and add onion paste.

Fry this mixture till the oil comes on top after that add tomato paste and after cooking for 7-8 minutes on a low flame, add red chili, salt, and mawa. Now cook it for a while. After this, add a cup of water and cook.

Now cut the pieces of cottage cheese in a bowl, pour the gravy on top and serve with cream.