If you want to be thin then this diet is for you, will reduce 7 kg in 21 days


If you have gained weight and you are upset with it, then there is a diet for you through which you can reduce your seven kg weight within 21 days. This diet was developed by experts in 1950. Those dieters who have followed this diet believe that through this, more than seven kilos of weight can be reduced within 3 weeks.

This diet is called the HCG diet. HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone that women produce when they are pregnant. However, the HCG diet is also a controversial diet. But many experts call it a strong diet for weight loss.

HCG is a marmon that is produced in the early days of conception. It is said that this hormone leads to an increase in metabolism and the calories that the body releases, store as fat.

HCG is used exclusively for the treatment of reproductive problems. Although it has not been approved for use in any other way apart from reproductive problems, some people use it as a diet. It is also said that there is no scientific evidence that it leads to a definite weight loss.

HCG hormone develops the fetus. Its link has been linked to reducing weight. It is said to burn calories naturally and reduce weight. Research has shown that only hard calories are restricted through the HCG diet. This hormone is unaffected in reducing appetite.

In the same way, rapid weight loss can also be achieved through a ketogenic diet. It is also called a low curve and a high-fat diet. Low carbohydrate items are preferred in this diet. Ketone is produced in the liver by this diet. It is believed that by eating more carbohydrate food, glucose and insulin are produced in the body, it starts accumulating fat in the body.

An Australian pharmacy has redesigned the HCG diet. This pharmacy is giving 21 days of HCG diet for weight loss. You may have to spend more than $ 350 for this. In this diet plan, the body is rapidly transported to the metabolic stage, which is similar to the Keto diet. The pharmacy claims that through this diet seven kg weight can be reduced in 21 days.