If you take this medicine without asking the doctor, then it can cause major harm


It is common for us to have headaches, body aches, joint pains, and mild fever. But if we have these problems, then we should go to the doctor. Despite this, we take some medicine according to our means i.e. we become doctors ourselves. But do you know that the medicines we take of our own free will can affect our health? Probably not, so let us tell you what harm can happen to us without taking any medicine without a doctor's advice.

Actually, most people eat different types of pain killers. For example, there is a pain in the feet, pain in the joints, pain in the head, etc. In all this, people resort to the pen killer. But if you eat a pen killer without the advice of a doctor, then it can have side effects. Addictive elements are found in these medicines. If these medicines are consumed for a long time, then the body gets used to them. These drugs also cause damage to the liver and kidneys. Pain killer can cause problems of gas, thinning of blood, brain hemorrhage, diarrhea, etc.

If you take antibiotics without a doctor's advice, doing so may be harmful to you. Actually, the use of these medicines is advised when someone has an allergy or fever because these drugs help to destroy bacteria and fungi. But if you eat them without asking the doctor, then you may have problems with diarrhea, allergies, weakening of immunity of the body, elimination of good bacteria in the body, etc. Therefore, it can be beneficial to take them only after a doctor's advice.

Whenever we have a cough, cold, sore throat, etc., we consume any phlegm syrup. But if you have any problem then you should first go to the doctor, and those medicines which are given, should be consumed and not any cough syrup. If you do this then there may be problems like loss of memory, high blood pressure, nervousness, sluggishness in the body, irregular heartbeat, Mozilla, etc.

Laxative medicine is used when surgery or delivery of a woman is about to take place. To clean her stomach, doctors recommend taking this medicine. But if you use them on your own, then it can be harmful. If you take these medicines for a long time, then there may be problems in kidney stones, heart muscle weakness, diarrhea, stomach pain, etc. Therefore, before taking them, please consult the doctor.

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