If you put a wall clock in your house, then first know these rules of Vastu


According to Vastu, the clock can also open the way for you and on the contrary, it can also cause constant loss and bad times for you. If some simple things related to Vastu are taken care of, then it can also turn your bad times into good ones. These things are as follows-

A closed and broken watch should not be kept in the house

By keeping closed and broken clocks, the positive energy in the house decreases and the negativity starts increasing. This is the reason why closed or broken clocks in the house should be removed immediately. Because they increase misfortune.

A clock has to be set in this direction - auspicious

The clock should be placed in the east, west or north direction of the house. The clock placed in the east direction maintains the atmosphere of the house auspicious and loving. The clock in the west direction provides new opportunities for the members of the house and the clock in the north direction protects the house from loss of money.