If you are planning to visit Ayodhya, then apart from Ram temple, you can also roam these places.


Sometimes people take time to go out to hang out with their family or friends. Someone likes to go to the hill station, then someplace where they can be relaxed. But there are many people who like to visit religious places more. One such place is Ayodhya, which is one of the oldest and famous sites in the world. Presently, the work of constructing a huge Ram temple is going on here, after which it will become a big tourist destination. But if you are going to visit Ayodhya right now, then we are going to tell you many such places around it. Where you can travel. So let's know about these places.

Dashrath Mahal

If you have seen Ramayana or you know about it, then you would know that Lord Rama was Chandra's father Dasharatha. At the same time, Dasaratha Mahal is located in Ayodhya. Where you can go At present, this place is a pilgrimage center, and devotional songs are chanted here daily. The biggest feature here is its colorful and majestic designed entrance. Everyone is surprised to see this. Every year a large number of people reach here and visit this palace.

Sita's kitchen

As much as Lord Ramchandra is worshiped in India, his wife and mother Sita is also worshiped. If you are going to Ayodhya, then you will find a small temple of Sita Ma. It is known as Sita's kitchen. It is basically a natural kitchen made of traditional utensils. This place is located half an hour from the Saryu River and you can reach here on foot. Going here is a different experience, and this place is quite good to see.

Hanuman Garhi

You must have heard the name of Ayodhya Garhi because it is a very famous temple. It is also one of the most important temples of Ayodhya. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that when Lord Hanuman lived with Lord Shree Ram, Ayodhya, he was given this place and today Hanuman is built here. It is said that Hanuman used to guard the entire city against this place. However, later a temple was built at this place and statues of Bal Hanuman sitting on the lap of Mata Anjani were installed here. You can also go here and see this temple.

Kanak Bhavan

Ayodhya also has Kanak Bhawan which is a beautiful palace. It has always been known for traditional music and devotional songs. According to beliefs, this was the palace, which was gifted to Sita by Mata Kaikeyi after the marriage of Lord Rama. It is said that Lord Rama and Sita lived at this place. At the same time, it was rebuilt two thousand years ago by King Vikramaditya and in 1891 by Krishna Bhanu Kunwari, the queen of Orchha. Whatever tourists go to Ayodhya, they never forget to go here. You can also go for a walk here.