If you also want to make a career in CID and CBI, then first know the difference between them!


We all know that CID and CBI are both investment agencies, but most of us are quite confused between these two. The investigation areas of these two agencies are very different. The CID only investigates the incidents inside the state while the CBI investigates the incidents taking place across the country. The authority to order it rests with the Central Government, the High Court, and the Supreme Court.

If you want to make a career in one of these two fields, then you must first understand the difference between them.

What is CID (Crime Investigation Department)?

As we told you that CID works as a criminal investigation department in the state. CID is the investigation and intelligence department of the police in a state. CBI is charged with murder, rape, robbery, and other cases. The CID was established in 1902 by the British Government on the recommendation of the Police Commission.

What is CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation)?

The Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI is an agency of the Central Government in India. Which along with the country investigates the crimes of international level such as murder, scams and corruption and the Government of India also orders them. The CBI agency was established in 1941.

Now let us know the major difference between CID and CBI

1. The area of ​​investigation of CID is limited to the state, while the area of ​​operation of CBI is large (entire country and abroad).

2. The CBI is entrusted with the responsibility of investigating any criminal cases that come to the Central Government, Supreme Court and High Court. Also, with the consent of the State Government, the Central Government can entrust the investigation of any case to the CBI. The CID, which is coming up for criminal investigation, has its responsibilities entrusted by the state government and the High Court.

3. CBI is an agency of the Central Government which investigates cases of national and international crimes, such as murders, scams and corruption, and matters of national interest related to the Government of India, whereas CID is a police investigation in a state and Intelligence Department. This department is entrusted with the investigation of murder, riot, kidnapping, theft etc. Police personnel are given special training before joining it.

4. To join CID, one must first join the state police, followed by a CID officer. Also, to join CBI, one must pass the exam conducted by SSC.