If these three things are happening on your skin too, then it can be infected with corona, know everything about it


We all know how dangerous the coronavirus epidemic is, and what its symptoms are. Common symptoms include fever, dry cough, colds, and muscle aches. But do you know that there are some other possible signs of corona infection, which can be even more dangerous? But these often go unnoticed. So let us tell you about the symptoms of Kovid-19 which are associated with your skin.

Corona can cause inflammation on the skin

One symptom of the coronavirus is that it can cause inflammation on your skin. It can be like an allergy, it includes rashes, redness of the body. About one in 6 patients with skin symptoms require hospital care, and many others who have these symptoms take weeks and months to recover. Therefore these symptoms cannot be considered mild. Studies have also shown that rashes and swelling are also major symptoms of corona infection in young children, which are different symptoms than in adults.

Body rash

Kovid-19 can spread to many people's veins and arteries and can cause inflammation, which is visible on the skin. This inflammation can cause rashes on your body. They are red in color and can be quite itchy. If the skin of young children and infants looks patchy or dry, it can also be a sign of corona infection. Dryness or spotted stains may occur on children's feet, hands, abdomen, or back.

Lip dryness

If you are suffering from a coronavirus infection, it can have an effect on your lips or throat. Symptoms of an infection can also occur if your lips are dry, a sore throat, etc. Your dry lips can also occur when you are dehydrated or you are not getting enough nutrition during recovery. The same, the blue of the lips is due to lack of oxygen, which can also be seen as a warning.

Who is more likely to be at risk?

The study has identified people who have certain diseases. For example, respiratory disorders, obesity, and some seniors whose immunity may be affected. At the same time, people who are suffering from diabetes and have recovered from Kovid-19 need their extra attention as they have a higher risk of developing skin infections. Such people are more likely to be at risk.