If there is not much salt in the vegetable, do not bother, do this remedy!


It is common to have more salt in the vegetable someday at home. All the spices in the vegetable should be balanced.

The person will eat less salt vegetable, but if there is more salt, he will keep a distance from it. Today we are going to tell you how the effect of putting more salt in the vegetable can be reduced.

If there is excess salt in your lentils or curries, then make a tablet of flour and add it. By doing this the flour will absorb more salt than the vegetable. Take out the flour tablet before eating it.

At the same time, gram flour can also be used to reduce the effect of salt in curries. For this, fry two spoons of gram flour in a pan and add it to the curry and mix well. After this, cook it till it comes to a boil.