If the oxygen level is decreasing, then try this method by lying on the bed!


Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in India. The situation is so severe that beds in hospitals are not empty. At the same time, most of the patients are dying due to a lack of oxygen. Doctors recommend not to be hospitalized immediately if breathing is difficult.

The Health Ministry has given some tips with the help of which the oxygen level in the body can be corrected at home.

Medically Pruning is recognized as an action to increase oxygen levels in the body and is proving to be very beneficial for corona patients living in home isolation.

According to the Ministry of Health, "This is known as Pruning, which is a medically accepted condition to improve comfort and oxygenation." In this, the patient has to lie on the bed with the help of pillows. If oxygen levels drop below 94, the patient can improve the position by lying on his / her stomach in home isolation as this condition improves ventilation and keeps the alveolar units open. This can increase the oxygen level from 5 to 10 percent.