If salt and chili are too much in food, then add these 2 things to it!


Making food is an art. A little carelessness spent in it can spoil your mood as well as the taste of food. Often, when cooking, the amount of salt in the food is high, due to which the food does not become tasty. In this case, let us know about the remedy which helps work salt-chili in food.

If red chilies are high in food while preparing food, milk or curd can be used to reduce it. In this case, the use of thick curd in the gravy will not only make the gravy texture very good but will also reduce the spiciness of the food.

Excess of salt in food - If you have excess salt in your food and you want to cure it immediately without working hard, you can add lemon juice to the dish. The sourness of lemon cures salt by reducing excess spice.