How was the arrangement of food of millions of soldiers in Mahabharata! Click here to know the secret


The Kauravas had 11 Akshauhini army, including the 1 Akshauhini Narayani army of Sri Krishna, while the Pandavas had collected 7 Akshauhini army. A total of 4.5 million people took part in this war.

According to belief, one of them was also the king of Udupi who was neither in favor of the Kauravas nor in favor of the Pandavas. He took over the management of food at the behest of Shri Krishna.

He had taken permission for this.

But he asked, how should I make the food? Will there be less or no food? Shri Krishna had resolved his concern. During this time neither the food was less nor more.

The king of Udupi told Yudhishthira that Lord Krishna used to eat boiled peanuts daily. For example, if they ate 10 peanuts, I understood that 10,000 soldiers would be killed the next day.

So, on the second day, 10 thousand soldiers did not cook. In this way, due to Shri Krishna, everyday soldiers used to get whole food, and food was not insulted.