How to remove water if it enters in the ear while bathing


It is normal to have water in the ear while bathing, but this worsens when you start taking various measures to remove water from the ear. Sometimes this water is released easily, but sometimes there is a big problem in getting out. This problem sometimes becomes the cause of infections. If something similar happens to you too, today you are going to tell some tips, with the help of which you can easily remove the water from the ear. So without delay, let us know about these measures-

Drain the head

If you have water in your ear while bathing, do not panic, instead tilt the head from the side in which the water has gone and given a slight blow to the head. By doing this, there is more chance of water coming out. At one or two blow, water is also released.

Resort to earbuds

If the ear has gone water, you can also use the earbuds to drain the water. Often, light water goes to the ear while bathing in the swimming pool or while taking a shower. Yes, while using earbuds, it should be kept in mind that it should not be thrown into the ear at all. Suddenly putting it in the ear can sometimes cause serious problems.

You can also remove water by sleeping

If water has gone in the ear, then the water can be drained for some time. Sleep for two to three minutes on the ear in which the water has gone. Sometimes water also comes out of the ear when you sleeping.


If water goes into the ear, sometimes even water is released by jumping. If the water is not coming out from jumping, then you can also do a fast running of one to two minutes, also there is a chance of water sometimes. Running with the body also causes the ear to move faster due to which there is a possibility of water coming out.

See doctor

Let us tell you that these articles are only for your information. If you are suffering more due to water in the ear, you can also consult a doctor. Treating oneself also sometimes becomes a problem.