How to massage a newborn baby


Massage not only keeps the baby healthy but also makes him feel cherished. Learn how to massage a child. The way to massage a newborn baby There are many benefits of massaging your baby. This makes the child feel your affection and creates a strong relationship between the two of you. Massage also provides comfort to the baby which makes him sleep well.

According to some studies, baby massage can also help in the proper development of the baby. However, more research needs to be done in this direction right now. We all know how important massage is for a newborn baby, but very few people are aware of when the baby should start massaging and what is the method of massage.

Benefits of massaging your baby

According to the International Association of Infant Massages, massaging can help stimulate the baby's circulation and digestive system. This can treat problems such as gas, cramps, colic, constipation in children. Massage also reduces muscle tension and relieves pain and problems arising out of teeth. Massage can also help children who are born before nine months of age. If your baby has a health problem, talk to a pediatrician once before massaging.

When to massage the newborn

You can start massaging a few weeks after your baby is born, but for this you have to take special care of the child's mood. The baby should be calm and alert at the time of massage. Do not adopt a massage method that makes the child feel at ease.

According to Mayo Clinic, if the child tightens the arm during the massage or pulls the head back, it means that he is not ready to get massaged. The correct time to massage your baby is at least 45 minutes after the breastfeeding. Massaging the baby immediately after breastfeeding can cause vomiting.

How often should a newborn be massaged

The decision of how often to massage depends on you and your baby. Some parents massage the child every day while some parents do baby massage three days a week.

For a good start of the day you can massage during Sabah. Massage at night, the child gets a good sleep.

How to massage a newborn baby

You should know the right way to do baby massage. Massage of a 6-month-old child should be done with very light hands. If you do not know how to massage a newborn baby, you can ask an elderly woman or member at home.

For the massage, there should be a quiet environment indoors or on the terrace or balcony.

Keep nails cut off and do not wear jewelry. Wash hands thoroughly before massaging.

Now put the child on his back and take his clothes off. During the massage it is necessary to look into the eyes of the infant.

Keep talking to him while giving a massage. Now pour oil on your hands and rub it on the child's ears. This will help your baby get ready for massage.

Start with the massage legs and then come to the heel. Now massage your hands round and round on the shoulders, arms, and chest.

While massaging the chest, keep hands slightly soft. Now massage your baby on the back of your abdomen and massage your back. Do not forget to massage the soles and palms of the feet as well.

Finally massage the baby's head.

Baby massage is a very good therapy that provides comfort to the child. If the child is not happy with the massage at first, there is no need to worry. You will also learn to massage the newborn slowly and the child will also be comfortable with the massage.