How to make and apply face pack made of turmeric and Multani Mitti, learn tips from experts


You may have applied Multani Mitti and turmeric several times, but have you tried this face pack?

We all may have made a face pack at home at some time, but if seen, many people say that such face packs or DIY tips do not work. It is very important to keep a few things in mind when these tips work and are used properly. First of all, you should use the face pack according to your skin and secondly that you should know the right amount of how to make a face pack.

Dermatology Expert Doctor Nikita Sonawane has shared a recipe for a face mask on her Instagram account that you might like very much. In the festive season, this face mask will bring a glow to your skin as well as cleansing it properly. Doctor Sonawane keeps sharing such beauty tips on her Instagram accounts.

The face mask that we are talking about will be made by mixing Multani mitti and turmeric with it. Because it is very important to make the right amount of any face pack, therefore, Dr Sonawane has shared the recipe.

Multani Mitti Face Pack Making Materials-

2 tablespoons Multani Mitti

1 teaspoon curd

1 teaspoon turmeric

1 Spoon curd

1 teaspoon honey

Dry rose petals (optional)

How to make Multani Mitti face pack

To make Multani Mitti face pack, you have to first mix all ingredients in a vessel and make neither a thin nor a very thick paste. If you want, you can add dry rose petals to it and if it is not there, you can leave it. Also, before applying it, make sure that your face is clean. Apply it on your face only after washing the face and leave it for 20 minutes. After this, clean it as if you are scrubbing, first by applying light water on the face and then wash it completely.

You have to apply this pack twice a week to the throat, face and hands.

What are the benefits of Multani Mitti Face Pack-

The advantages of Multani Mitti Face Pack are that turmeric has a lot of anti-oxidant and then anti-inflammatory properties. This can prove to be very good for skin brightening. If your skin looks dull, then turmeric will improve it a bit.

Multani Mitti purifies the skin and adds to the natural oil skin. This will naturally glow the skin. The advantage of yoghurt is that it contains lactic acid and it melts dead skin cells. It creates good bacteria in the skin, which makes the skin look clean. Finally, honey moisturizes the skin and acts as an antiseptic. It is good for natural bacteria and corrects skin texture.

If you see, all the ingredients adopted in this face pack are natural and they are good for the skin.