How to cover stretch marks with makeup, know here


Due to the marks of stretch marks, many times crop tops or short dresses are not able to wear even if they want. Various creams, oils also sometimes do not affect it. In such a situation, the only option left is makeup, so that you can cover it and carry the dress you want.

Do not take too much stress about stretch marks as this is the problem of most people. Stretch marks start appearing due to many reasons like obesity, pregnancy, exercise. Gradually their color also becomes light. There are also some things which if you use daily then they show their effect like- Aloe vera, coconut oil. They are completely natural and do not have any side effects. Yes, but makeup is the only solution to cover up instant stretch marks.


Not normal, you will need a full coverage foundation to cover the stretch marks. Due to which all kinds of stubborn marks can be covered easily.

Use of color corrector

Pay attention to the color of your stretch marks. If they are purple, use a yellow color corrector to light them up. There is no need to cover old stretch marks as they gradually lighten on their own.

Setting powder use

Just like after applying makeup on the face, you use setting spray to keep it for a long time, in the same way, after covering the stretch marks with makeup, apply setting powder on it. Wear anything lehenga, sari, your marks will not be highlighted, be careful about it. It will last for the whole day.

Apply self-tanner

Another great way to hide stretch marks is through self-tanner. Which women use to give themselves a dark complexion. So with its help, you can easily hide stretch marks.