How oxygen is made: which companies are helping in the Corona era, know everything here


Coronavirus is infecting people across the country with great speed, but this time the country is not disturbed just because of this virus. This time, lack of oxygen also remains a big issue. People infected with the coronavirus are not getting beds in the hospital, and those who are getting beds are not getting oxygen. But do you know where the oxygen that is in our atmosphere comes from inside the cylinder? Who prepares it and how does it happen? Probably not, so let us tell you about it.

How is oxygen made?

There is a lot of oxygen in our atmosphere, but tell you where the oxygen comes from inside the cylinder. Here, let us tell you that gas is made of oxygen through the cryogenic distillation process. In this process, the air is filtered, in this way the dust and soil are separated from it. After this, in many states, the air is pressurized or compressed.

After this, the compressed air is treated with molecular sieve adsorption. This is done so that water particles, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons can be separated from it. At the same time, when this process is completed, then the compressed air goes into the distillation column.

Here it is first cooled (all through a plate-fin heat exchanger and expansion turbine process) and then heated to 185 ° C, which is then distilled. Here, tell you that distilled is a process in which water is boiled and its steam is condensed and deposited. This process is done several times at different stages. In this, gases like oxygen, nitrogen, and argon are separated. It is only after this process that liquid oxygen and gas oxygen are mixed.

These companies make oxygen

There are not one or two companies in India, which make oxygen giving life to the people. Here you also need to know that this oxygen not only saves the lives of patients but is also used in many industries like steel, petroleum.

At the same time, if you look at the companies making oxygen, then there are many companies involved in this:

-Inox Air Products Ltd.

Allenby Industrial Gases Limited

-Refax Industries Limited

-National Oxygen Limited

Bhagavati Oxygen Limited

Gagan Gases Limited

-Linde India Limited

These companies are supplying oxygen in hospitals:

- Tata Steel, which is sending 200-300 tonnes of liquid medical to all hospitals and state governments daily.

- While Jindal Steel is giving 50-100 MT of oxygen to hospitals in Odisha and Chhattisgarh on one hand, on the other hand in Maharashtra it is giving about 185 tonnes of oxygen daily to the state government.

- At the same time, Reliance is giving oxygen to the Maharashtra government and the Gujarat government.

- ArcelorMittal Nippon is supplying up to 200 MT of oxygen to hospitals and state governments daily.

At the same time, SAIL has supplied about 33 thousand tonnes of liquid oxygen from its steel plants like Barnapur, Bokaro, Bhilai, Durgapur, and Rourkela.